Good planning leads to high quality spaces, urban renewal that responds to changing community needs, welcoming neighbourhoods and integrated transport options supporting Canberra’s liveability. The ACT Government is delivering planning strategies, sustainable building policies and innovative approaches to urban design that can evolve and adapt over time to ensure Canberra keeps getting even better.

The ACT Government, in collaboration with the National Capital Authority, has released the Draft City and Gateway Urban Design Framework for community consultation.

The Framework outlines the planning principles for the future development and growth of Canberra’s city centre and gateway corridor, and shows how we’ll achieve well-designed buildings, urban infrastructure, public places, and streets that are designed for people and protect the environment.

$126 million over 4 years planning for our future

Improving town centres through new initiatives, including citizen-led place-making programs.

Finalising Master Plans

The ACT Government is delivering new Master Plans for the Curtin and Kippax Group Centres to guide the growth and development of these valued community hubs.

We are also finalising the Tharwa Village Plan which will respect the village’s distinct rural character and heritage values.

We are working with the community to plan for the renewal of Dickson Section 72 including the development of a second Common Ground complex to help boost social housing in the centre of Canberra.

In this budget:National Capital Design Review Panel to improve quality of buildings, landsvapes & public spaces, Chief Engineer to improve design, planning & delivery of Government Iinfrastructure, greater community involvement in activating public spaces


Planning factsheet (pdf 546.8 KB)