We are Australia’s most LGBTIQ welcoming and inclusive city – and we’re proud of it. The ACT Government celebrates our LGBTIQ community by supporting events that increase visibility and inclusion, and investing in targeted programs to meet the unique needs of LGBTIQ Canberrans.

$2.6 million in programs supporting the LGBTIQ community over 4 years

The ACT Government is investing in initiatives to boost the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ Canberrans, in collaboration with local community organisations.

This includes providing $110,000 to expand a trial of Pre-exposure Prophylaxis treatment to protect against HIV, and delivering more support for intersex, gender diverse, and transgender people and their families through A Gender Agenda. We also deliver popular events like CBR Fair Day and the Canberra SpringOUT Pride Festival to celebrate the contribution of LGBTIQ Canberrans.

“Events like CBR Fair Day & SpringOUT are really important – an air of positivity & celebration counts.“ - participant

The capital of equality

The first ACT LGBTIQ Strategic Plan, to be released in 2018-19, will set out key directions and priorities for achieving our vision for an LGBTIQ inclusive community.

We will implement the Plan in 2018-19 by:

 In this budget: $40,000 for a community grants scheme celebrating LGBTIQ visibility & inclusion, continued support for SprintOUT through the ACT's events fund, $300,000 fo rthe Offitice of LGBTI Affairs to focus on transgender & intersex issues.


LGBTIQ factsheet (pdf 369.6 KB)