The ACT’s justice system provides accessible justice services to support victims of crime, rehabilitate offenders, and maintain the safety and security of our community. Through the 2018 Budget we are investing more in justice services and our court system to ensure these can continue to operate effectively and efficiently while protecting people’s rights.

This year we are expecting to progress 15,000 cases through our courts and tribunal system, including over 1,000 Domestic and Family Violence Order applications.

Around 15,500 calls to the Legal Aid Helpline are expected this year, and a heightened focus on family violence. Last year we supported 420 detainees with services, and to find accommodation and work upon release from the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

Appointing a new magistrate

As we grow, a priority is to maintain a fast and effective justice system for all Canberrans.

We will support the appointment of an eighth full-time magistrate to increase access to justice and provide more timely resolution of matters, including for victims of family violence. A full-time forensic pathologist will also ease pressure in the Coronial Court.

Progress on the new courts precinct

Canberra’s new courts precinct will include supportive facilities for witnesses and their families, dedicated spaces for community service and domestic violence support agencies, and a mediation hub supporting resolution of justice matters outside of court.

The first stage of works, which includes six courtrooms, is nearly complete. The second stage involves refurbishing and restoring the existing 50-year-old heritage court building, and is due for completion in 2019.

A number of women detainees of the Alexander Maconochie Centre are working in the Centre’s bakery.

We are working to reduce recidivism by 25% by 2025 through employment & skills-building programs.

In this budget: More resources for the office of the Director of the Public prosecutions, new investment to make Canberra a restorative city, extending the intensive corrections order scheme as an alternative to prison, continuing design work for a dedicated Drug & Alcohol Court, new resoucing for legal Aid


Justice factsheet (pdf 434.6 KB)