The ACT Government believes in the full inclusion and participation of people with disability, and is working hard to make this a reality. We’ve led the nation in rolling out the National Disability Insurance Scheme and progressing the objectives of the National Disability Strategy.

$650 million contribution to the NDIS over 4 years

About 6,400 Canberrans have been supported by the scheme.

We are delivering $855,000 for older people with disability currently receiving territory-managed specialist disability services, and who are not eligible for the NDIS. We’re also investing $367,000 this year to support peak disability bodies.

Disability funding will grow 9.3% a year on average

Growing the Disability Inclusion Grants program

We will expand the Disability Inclusion Grants program to support community groups, organisations and small businesses to become more inclusive and accessible for people with disability.

This will see the available grants increase to $100,000 each year.

Recognising our inclusive community

The annual ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards acknowledge the outstanding achievements of business, organisations and individuals that have demonstrated their commitment to encourage, welcome and support people with disability in their workplace, business and community.

The Connect & Participate Expo is helping break down barriers to participation.

In this budget: Disability Justice Strategy to support people with disability within the justice system, $23.2 million to support students with disability, $1.8 million for people with support needs not met by the NDIS


Disability factsheet (pdf 331.9 KB)