Our local businesses drive economic activity and create good jobs for Canberrans. The ACT Government is focused on making it as easy as possible to do business in Canberra, including through the One Stop CafĂ© initiative in this year’s Budget. We are also promoting Canberra through Brand CBR, and strengthening connections internationally and across Australia through a targeted program of trade missions.

We are reducing red tape and making it easier to do business with the ACT Government.

Access Canberra is providing a one-stop-shop for regulatory and licensing matters, and our ongoing reforms are supporting innovation in areas like event facilitation, small venues and outdoor dining. The ACT’s payroll tax threshold is now $2 million – the highest in the country, meaning 91 per cent of ACT businesses do not pay any payroll tax.

Stamp duty

A key part of the ACT Government’s tax reform plan is to cut stamp duty for commercial transactions.

From 1 July 2018 there will be no stamp duty for commercial properties worth $1.5 million or less. This will mean about 70 per cent of all commercial property purchases will no longer involve stamp duty, a significant boost for small businesses & investment.

In this budget: $9.75 million priority investment Program supporting innovatin in the sectors of the future, strengthening the promotio of Canberra through brands, pursuring further red tap reduction and policy innovation and more secure local jobs through improving government procurement so that contracts are only awarded to businesses that meet high ethical and labour standards


Business factsheet (pdf 584.2 KB)