Budget in Brief

Message from the Chief Minister

ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA

Growing services for our growing city

The 2018 Territory Budget invests in the public services Canberrans rely on.

At the same time as we deliver on our commitment to return the Budget to balance, the ACT Government is growing services and infrastructure to make sure this city keeps getting better for everyone who lives here.

We are delivering new local schools and more places for students at our existing ones. We are strengthening care in our hospitals and making commuting quicker with better transport infrastructure. We are boosting our investment in services for our city and suburbs, and keeping Canberrans safe by recruiting more first responders for our police and emergency services.

People from across Australia and around the world are moving to Canberra because we are a city of possibilities. A place full of good jobs that make a difference. A hub for world-leading study and research institutes. A community that embraces creativity and champions new businesses.

Our city’s growth is an opportunity; Canberra is more diverse and dynamic today because more people from many different places call it home. But we know that services and infrastructure have to step up alongside our community to make sure Canberra keeps getting better as we grow.

As this Budget summary shows, no other government in Australia delivers as many services as we do. Our priority is to keep Canberra liveable with great schools and health care, efficient public transport and local government services, more housing options, a clean environment and exciting events.

The Budget summary highlights the significant work that is already underway to deliver on our 2016 election commitments and renew Canberra’s schools, hospitals and public places.

But we know there is more to do.

That’s why the ACT Government is growing services for our growing city through the 2018 Territory Budget.


Media Release: 2018 ACT Budget: Growing services for our growing city

Budget Paper 1: Budget Speech (pdf 284 KB)