Better care of our environment

The ACT is leading the nation on our commitment to move towards a more sustainable future. We remain on a path to reaching our goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2020, and the 2017-18 ACT Budget will see the Government deliver on our promise to provide better care for our environment in the Territory.

This Budget will do more to support the community to address climate change, with more support to promote recycling and reducing waste in local businesses and schools and at public events. The Government will also invest in community zero emissions grants to support local organisations and community groups to help meet the Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

The ACT Government will also deliver on its commitment to introduce a container deposit scheme to encourage more people to recycle as part of a significant package to improve waste management in the capital..

Better community support to address climate change

The Budget will continue the work of the ACT Government to support the local community in measures that help address the impact of climate change, with a further $3.5 million investment.

The investment includes:

  • $1.9 million over three years to continue delivering the ACT Climate Change Adaption Strategy;
  • $845,000 to promote waste reduction and increased recycling in businesses, schools and at public events;
  • $550,000 over four years to undertake a four year community zero emissions grants program for community groups and not-for-profit organisations to deliver projects and initiatives that support the ACT’s target of net zero emissions; and
  • $188,000 over three years to expand and improve existing programs such as Carbon Neutral Government and the Actsmart business energy and water program.

Tackling environmental issues

This Budget will invest $2.5 million in measures to tackle environmental issues and protect nature reserves in the ACT.

The investment includes:

  • $1.3 million over two years to protect our native species and their habitat through environmental improvement work, focusing on high-risk weed control measures;
  • $720,000 over four years to support the national cost-sharing agreement under the Agricultural Minister’s Forum for national programmes to eradicate exotic pests and disease incursions;
  • $312,000 over two years to address subsurface subsidence associated with the former Belconnen Sewerage Treatment Plant and allow for future conservation activities within the affected areas of the Jarramlee Nature Reserve; and
  • $162,000 to provide a grant to the Woodland and Wetlands Trust to work on design of the Mulligans Flat EcoTourism Centre.

Better waste management

This Budget will deliver on the Government’s commitment to better waste management in the territory.

The investment includes:

  • $7.3 million over four years for waste management contracts, continuing the delivery of essential waste management services and infrastructure to the community; and
  • $1.9 million over four years to establish and run a container deposit scheme by January 2018, an ACT Labor commitment that will encourage more recycling in our community.


Better care of our environment (pdf 258 KB)