Better Support for our schools

The 2017-18 ACT Budget will continue the Government’s investment in our high performing education system, with a $1.2 billion investment in better schools, better teachers and better support for all students in Canberra.

We are building new schools and investing in better schools right around Canberra – from a $26.2 million investment to increase the capacity of schools in Gungahlin to the $100 million for upgrades to schools across the city.

The ACT Government is delivering on our commitment to provide a better education to our students. We are investing in teachers by funding 25 STEM scholarships each year and funding school assistants to manage teacher workloads.  We are providing more school psychologists in our schools and more needs based funding support for students with a disability.

Delivering better schools across Canberra

The Budget will invest an additional $210 million in our education system across the ACT, including:

  • $100 million for upgrades to ACT Schools (in line with ACT Labor’s 2016 election commitment), including $85 million to Public Schools. These upgrades include:
  • $5.9 million for stage 3 of the Belconnen High School Modernisation;
    • Upgrades and extensions to new and existing classrooms;
    • New gardens and horticultural facilities;
    • Equipment upgrades;
    • Heating and cooling systems and energy efficiency improvements;
    • Refurbishment of bathrooms and change rooms; and
    • Upgraded technology areas, roof replacements and outdoor learning and teaching environments.
  • $26.2 million to expand schools in Gungahlin, including:
    • Harrison School, Gold Creek School, Neville Bonner Primary School, Palmerston District School;
    • Design and feasibility work to commence on a new school in East  Gungahlin; and
    • Two playing fields for use by the new school and the local community in North Gungahlin.
  • $500,000 for the early design work for new school facilities in Molonglo.

Delivering a better education system for Canberra

This Budget will invest $24.2 million to help make Canberra’s schools better places to work and learn.

$17.2 million provision to deliver technology-enabled learning devices for students:

  • Ensure that every public high school and college student has access to a device.
  • $16.1 million for school assistants to provide better support for our teachers:
    • Provide school assistants to reduce administrative workload on teachers and enable them to spend more time focussed on teaching and planning.
  • $3 million to support students with disability:
    • Support to meet the needs of students with a disability.
  • $3.3 million to improve the safety of students walking and cycling around schools:
    • The school road safety plan includes new infrastructure, bigger and better signage, dragon's teeth, school crossing supervisors and dedicated school crossings and traffic islands.
  • $2.4 million for more school psychologists:
    • Provide the first five of 20 new psychologists for public schools.
  • $1 million for safer workplaces for teachers, educators and support staff:
    • To provide inclusive and safe educational environments and address occupational violence.
  • $875,000 Investment in our teachers - STEM & Language Scholarships:
    • 25 scholarships per year to help teachers obtain post-graduate qualifications in science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM) or languages.
  • $546,000 to deliver the Future of Education community consultation around schooling and early childhood education and care.
  • $400,000 to continue the Safe Schools program in ACT schools:
    • Supporting our school communities to make sure all people are treated with respect, dignity and are able to participate in society regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Better support for our schools (pdf 254 KB)