SPIRE Centre at Canberra Hospital

The Surgical Procedures, Interventional Radiology and Emergency (SPIRE) Centre will bring more and better tertiary health services to Canberra Hospital.

As our city continues to grow, so does the demand for health services in our hospitals.

SPIRE is at the centre of the health budget and the ACT Government’s 10-Year Health Plan.

The 2017 Budget delivers the first stage of investment for this important infrastructure project, with $236 million for planning and a provision for the design and construction commencement.

SPIRE will improve and support the continued delivery of timely and high quality services at the hospital as well as cater for the ACT’s growing population, by bringing more and better tertiary health services to Canberra Hospital.

Artists impression of the SPIRE

Features of SPIRE

SPIRE will transform the Canberra Hospital campus and enhance the delivery of hospital based healthcare in a modern, purpose-built facility.

SPIRE will boost the number of operating theatres from 13 to 20, providing ample increased capacity and allowing for concurrent management of emergency and elective surgeries avoiding delays and rescheduling.

With a new expanded general Emergency Department (ED) at Canberra Hospital, the current ED will be dedicated to providing specialist emergency healthcare for women and children. The two EDs will operate as one, with separate entrances to provide the best experience for the Canberrans using these services.

Artists impresion of SPIRE

Delivering SPIRE

The 2017 Budget delivers the first stage of this transformational health infrastructure project, with $236 million over four years.

This funding includes an initial $6 million over two years to undertake the planning for SPIRE as well as $230 million in capital over the following years for design with construction of SPIRE to begin in 2020. This work also aligns with the ACT Health Clinical Services Planning work already underway.

SPIRE is part of the ACT Government’s 10-Year Health Plan and responds to the increasing demand on our hospitals and health services as our city continues to grow.

To meet the needs of the growing population on the northside of Canberra, the Government is also investing $3.3 million to undertake a scoping study into the health service and infrastructure requirements for outpatient and hospital based care on the northside.

Together with our commitments in increased preventative, primary, and community care, support for the health workforce, and our investments in healthcare facilities across the ACT, Canberrans can be assured the ACT Government is delivering on our 10-Year Health Plan and commitment to the health and wellbeing of Canberrans, by providing high quality healthcare where and when people need it.

SPIRE includes:

 A larger intensive care unit with 48 beds offering both high dependency and intensive care beds 24 bed coronary care unit for people requiring high level care for heart conditions.     More inpatient wards with 64 beds for overnight care. More elective and day surgical spaces. State-of-the-art surgical, procedural and imaging facilities

The latest innovations in medical technology will benefit patients, and the facility will provide an environment that will attract and
retain the best medical, nursing and allied health staff here in the ACT.