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2016-17 ACT Budget - For Canberra  html   508 KB   133 KB 
Health and education investment for Canberra 

$1.6 billion investment In health services  html   359 KB   243 KB 
Better education system  html   450 KB   324 KB 
Economic growth and diversification for Canberra 

Building a strong and diverse economy  html   544 KB   244 KB 
Suburban renewal and better transport for Canberra 

Building better roads  html   375 KB  266 KB 
Better transport  html   543 KB  247 KB 
Investing in better city services  html   482 KB   240 KB 
Enhancing liveability and social inclusion for Canberra

Increased support for Canberra's most vulnerable  html   491 KB   251 KB 
Building a safer community  html   435 KB   248 KB 
Caring for the environment  html   435 KB   238 KB 
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