Budget Factsheets

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement thumbnail

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement

Overcoming disadvantage requires a range of interconnected and holistic support services to heal from the past and allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to reach their potential.

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Support for Low-income Households — Concessions Scheme

As part of the 2016–17 Budget, the ACT Government is making an unprecedented investment to make sure the most vulnerable members of our community receive the help they need. This includes investing an extra $35 million over four years into the concessions program.

Concessions play an important role in supporting around 30,000 Canberra households and the need for support is increasing.

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Safer Families Statement thumbnail

Safer Families Statement

Increasing numbers of people are reporting family violence, including domestic violence and sexual assault. The effects of this violence are devastating and well-documented. Family violence crosses socioeconomic and cultural boundaries and imposes an economic burden on the whole community.

The ACT Government is pursuing urgent action for safer families in the 2016-17 ACT Budget. What we know about family violence nationally is that:

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Social Inclusion & Equality Statement thumbnail

Social Inclusion & Equality

Our community is full of great people who work hard to help others. Some of the best initiatives the Government has introduced to the ACT community in recent years have come together through partnerships between government, community and the not-for-profit and private sectors. This collaborative approach works to harness the power of inclusion and diversity in overcoming some of the challenges we face. The 2016-17 ACT Budget continues to support these initiatives along with addressing important arising community issues.

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Taxation Reform thumbnail

Taxation Reform

The ACT Government is continuing its program of tax reform which commenced in 2012-13. This reform involves a change to the “tax mix” without an overall increase in the "tax take". Over a 20 year period inefficient taxes like conveyance duty and insurance duty are being abolished and the revenue foregone is being replaced through the general rates system. The transition to an efficient broad based land tax secures a stable revenue base which will allow the Government to plan for the future with greater certainty for spending on high quality services and infrastructure.

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