Our vision for Canberra:
for an even better future

Canberra is the world’s most liveable city. We have a well deserved reputation for openness, inclusiveness and tolerance. Canberra is a sought after destination for investment and for people to make their home.

As we look to the future, we must build on our strengths while retaining what makes us such a unique city. At the core of our vision is an inclusive and welcoming society, open to diverse talents and determined to help everyone reach their full potential.

Canberra is open to change, to talent, to business, to diversity and to innovation.

In building a modern, connected Canberra, it is imperative that no one is left behind. To be a progressive city for all, we must be shaped by all. We need to have opportunities for everyone, no matter where they live and where they have come from.

The ACT Government has an integrated program of renewal and growth already underway and a direction mapped out: with the support of our community, businesses and universities, we will build further on what Canberra already offers as a city of choice, of talent and of ambition, open to all.

Together, we are building a confident community and a strong economy, prepared for the opportunities and challenges the future will bring.

Young people showing off  

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