A Message from the Chief Minister

Andrew BarrCanberra is going from strength to strength. We have a strong economy, low unemployment and a well-educated population. We are the world’s most liveable city. We have world-class health and systems, a thriving and dynamic business sector, and we care for those in need.

But to be the best city we can be, we must ensure that no one is left behind as we advance and develop. It is our responsibility to create a community where all people are treated fairly and equitably. We all know that Canberra is a vibrant, welcoming, multicultural, cohesive and supportive community. This is one of our many strengths – and it is a strength on which we must build.

A genuine focus on social inclusion and equality makes this goal possible. It is a core value of this Government, and it helps to create a Canberra where people feel valued, where differences are respected and where people connect with others in their community.

Our goal is to ensure that our social inclusion agenda is shared across all areas of the Government. We are working so our programs form a cohesive network that makes a real difference for those in our community who are experiencing social exclusion, isolation or disadvantage.

This Budget Statement sets out some of the key areas and programs where we promote social inclusion in our community. Fostering equality and opportunity underpins everything we do – from specialist programs in schools, to our Walk-In Centres, to accessible transport and suitable housing, to our many cultural events that celebrate our diversity. We work in partnership with community organisations and individuals who strive to create a more inclusive city.

We are committed to ensuring that all Canberrans can fully enjoy the supportive and welcoming community that makes our city special.

Andrew Barr MLA

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