Australian Capital Territory Budget 2015-16 : For Canberra

We want Canberra to be a place where all people feel safe, supported and able to participate fully in the life of our city.  This includes working to ensure that those who enter our justice system are given the opportunity to become productive members of our community.

A Fair, Just and Equitable Society – High density housing program

The Government will continue the high density housing program which facilitates programs and participation opportunities designed to prevent or reduce crime and facilitate access to justice, health, education and employment for residents living in high density housing.  Funding of $366,000 will be provided over two years.

Justice Reform Strategy – Enhancing Community Corrections

The Government will strengthen the capability of ACT Community Corrections to enable successful uptake and supervision of offenders subject to community-based sentencing options as an alternative option to full time custodial sentencing. A fundamental objective is to put offenders on better pathways and reduce recidivism.

Bendora Through Care Unit

The Government is continuing to support young people in detention at the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre by providing intensive and targeted programs to assist them with moving from custody to the community.  The Government is providing a total of $2.455 million over four years for this initiative. Ongoing funding will be provided through savings at Bimberi due to reduced numbers of young people entering the youth justice system.

Improving Access to Justice – Legal Aid

The Government will provide additional legal assistance to the ACT community of $867,000 over two years.  This initiative will enhance the Legal Aid Commission's ability to grant legal assistance to vulnerable people who cannot afford the cost of private legal representation.

Improving Access to Justice – Street Law

The Government will continue operating the Street Law early intervention legal outreach service for an additional two years by providing funding of $358,000. Street Law provides legal services to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  This group often faces significant barriers in accessing mainstream legal services or in resolving legal matters without assistance.

Restorative Justice Scheme – Phase 2

The Government will invest in the second phase of the Restorative Justice Scheme investing $2.058 million over four years to allow adult offenders to participate in restorative justice processes as an alternative to, and, in some cases, in conjunction with criminal proceedings.  It will also include referrals for more serious crime for both juveniles and adults.

Client Management System for Child and Youth Protection Services

The Government is investing in a new integrated client management system for Child and Youth Protection Services to improve information security and to simplify access and reporting for caseworkers, out of home care agencies and foster and kinship carers.

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