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Child and Family Centres – a central access point for families

Over the past decade, the Child and Family Centres in Gungahlin, Tuggeranong and West Belconnen have continued to provide a one-stop shop for Canberra families.  The Child and Family Centres are trusted centres of support for families, strengthening linkages and connections of families to services and supportive communities.  This has included supporting women experiencing violence to know what services are available to seek help.

The number of families accessing the Child and Family Centres has continued to increase since their opening, with 1,863 families accessing services in 2013-14. The services offered are now having a diversionary impact on other services such as child protection.

Better Services – reforming the delivery of human services in partnership – person centred and integrated responses

Better Services is improving the experience of Canberrans across the human services system to improve their participation in social and economic life whilst ensuring the sustainable use of resources from across the system.  Informed by the Human Services Blueprint, Better Services is equipping education, health, community and justice service providers to work together in a person-centred way; so that clients receive the right service, at the right time, and for the right duration. 

Three key Better Services Initiatives are co-designing integrated service responses with their partners to achieve better client and community outcomes.

The Human Services Gateway partnership model continues to grow the mix and type of services available for people to access in a single service hub.  Clients can easily find the information they need and be referred to the right service.

Strengthening Families is a Better Services Initiative funded through the 2014-15 Budget that provides a tailored service offer for families with multiple and complex needs that face persistent barriers in their lives. The model has proven effective in breaking through service system barriers and building capacity for families to help them move forward towards their desired future.  Strengthening Families is seeing positive changes for families with complex needs and who are involved with multiple services. 

Strengthening Families has supported 132 family members.  Of all participating families:   

  • 23% are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander     
  • 69% experience mental illness    
  • 46% have disability    
  • 38% are involved with Care and Protection Services 
  • 50% are single parent households    
  • 42% are experiencing debt and financial difficulties     
  • 50% require education supports     
  • 54% have transport disadvantage

The Local Services Network in West Belconnen is working with the community to develop their own local solutions to meet their identified priorities. Already the Network is fostering genuine commitment by local services, businesses and residents to work together to improve outcomes for the West Belconnen community.

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