The Tenancies section develops and manages the relationship with government or non-government tenants. The section's responsibilities include managing buildings which were surplus to agency requirements and which are now available for leasing to community groups, small businesses and some commercial orientated organisations. Demand for leasing these facilities is high, the number of facilities limited and tenancy turnover low. The Tenancies section maintains an application register for organisations and groups interested in being accommodated in these facilities and also manages the hiring of the Albert Hall.

Tenancies Online Satisfaction Survey 2015

ACT Property Group in the Chief Ministers, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate manages a number of properties used by non government organisations. The properties include buildings with non-government tenants managed by ACT Property Group, community facilities previously managed by the Community Services Directorate and childcare centres previously managed by the Education and Training Directorate.

ACT Property Group ran the 2014/15 satisfaction survey with responses invited from all tenants. Thank you to those who completed the survey. The information will assist us to improve the level of service we provide to tenants in buildings that we manage. Survey responses are currently being collated and will contribute to improving the performance of ACT Property Group in its management of non-government properties.  A summary report will be placed on this web page in July 2015 once it is finalised.

f you have any questions about this survey, please contact the Manager, Tenancies, ACT Property Group on phone 6213 0700 or by email at community.central@act.gov.au

Please note: The information collected on this form will not be used for any other purpose other than surveying and measuring the performance and satisfaction levels of tenants in ACT Government owned properties.  Any personal information provided has been deleted from the website.