Property Project and Services

The Property Projects & Services section provides facility management services to ACT Government customers at over 400 sites. The section offers its customers a 'one stop shop' capability for asset management. This includes, but is not limited to: planned and reactive maintenance programs, building refurbishment, project management, procurement of goods and services and a 24-hour response centre.

The Trades and Services sub-section is primarily responsible for delivering to its customers planned and reactive maintenance trades work and other maintenance services, including erecting flags and banners, fountain and memorial cleaning, graffiti removal, playgrounds maintenance and pre-school landscaping services.

A number of flags and banners sites across Canberra are available for hire by individuals/organisations wishing to publicise forthcoming events, activities or campaigns considered appropriate by the ACT Government. The ACT Government does not lease flag or banner sites for advertising purposes or to promote industry days.

The Works Projects sub-section is primarily responsible for planning, managing and delivering the customers works programs in accordance with ACT Government's procurement guidelines and procedures.

The Contracts and Response sub-section is responsible for procurement of goods and services to support ACT Property Group operations and managing the Response Centre.

Work Order Request Form (Excel 71KB) for all building maintenance issues.

Urgent work orders should be phoned through to our 24 hour Response Centre on (02) 6213 0700.