Accounting Policies

Accounting for Provision for Make Good Clauses within a Lease Agreement [PDF documentPDF 208KB] [Word documentDOC 223KB]

Capital Works Policy [PDF documentPDF 232KB] [Word documentDOC 156KB]

Disaggregated Disclosures [PDF documentPDF 104KB] [Word documentDOC 115KB]

Dividends Policy [PDF documentPDF 152KB] [Word documentDOC 57KB]

Employee Benefits for reporting periods ending on or after 30 June 2014 [PDF documentPDF 442KB] [Word documentDOC 349KB]

Portable and Attractive Items [PDF documentPDF 211KB] [Word documentDOC 121KB]

Public Private Partnerships Financed by the Operator with the Assets being Territory Assets at the end of the Agreement[PDF documentPDF 675KB] [Word documentDOC 67KB]

Portable and Attractive Items [PDF document PDF 211KB] [Word document DOC 121KB]

Related Party Disclosures